Layer Batch - Processing Kit

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  • €12.00


  • Min. Version of Photoshop: CC 2015
  • Not supported on Apple Devices using M1 Chips (only in Rosetta Mode)

Save time in Photoshop by editing all selected layers at once - ‘Layer Batch’ makes it possible to resize, rotate, colorize or rename multiple layers at once. You can also create or unwrap multiple Smart Objects. If you still have other use-cases, you can simply create your own action and run it for all selected Layer using the panel.


  • Batch-Process Selected Layers
  • Individual Transformations (each layer in its own coordinate system)
  • Play Action for each layer
  • Batch Rename / Colorize (detects layer type)
  • Smart Object Create/ Unwrap
  • Quick Selection by Type
  • Transformation Settings: Anchor Point, Keep Aspect Ratio, Scale Styles
  • Different Transform Modes (Set Size, Set Width, Set Height, Resize, Resize Width, Resize Height, Rotate, Set Rotation)
  • Unit Value Inputs (px,%,mm, in,…)
  • Optimized Script Performance
  • Easy-to-use Interface