Repetition Reducer (Randomize Textures)

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Repetition Reducer is the perfect tool to randomize textures with a lot of repeating elements. Such effects become visible when repeating a small, seamless texture. The plugin works super fast and scatters multiple patches of the existing pixels across the image. The best part is: There won't be any visible edges since there are various options to perfectly blend in the edges using displacements and blur. There's even an option to keep the patches away from the canvas edge, so that the resulting image remains seamless.

This plugin requires Photoshop 2021 or newer


  • Randomize Textures in less than a second
  • Many options to control the patches size, brightness randomness etc.
  • Perfectly blend patch edges using displacement & blur
  • Keep result seamless (prevent patches from touching the image edge)
  • 20 different displacements maps
  • Theme-aware panel