Smaller PSD - Filesize Reduce Kit

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  • €8.00

Works with Photoshop CC 2015+

Smaller PSD offers a variety of helpful scripts and functions to reduce your PSDs filesize. It processes all layers, so you don’t have to select anything by hand. The panel can reduce/delete invisible layers and pixels, flatten or rasterize layers, apply masks, replace placeholder images with frames and more.

Please note: No script can “magically” reduce any PSDs filesize. The size can be reduces if your PSD has…

  • …images which are only placeholders (- can be replaced by color or frame),
  • …images which can be reduces in sharpness / detail,
  • …layers which are obscured by other layers (hidden pixels),
  • …layers with (pixel) masks,
  • …layers with clipping masks (clipping layer must be larger than its base),
  • …empty layers,
  • …Smart Objects,
  • …layers which stand out of the document bounds,
  • …hidden or invisible layers (visibility, opacity, fillOpacity),
  • …layer styles / effects which are hidden,
  • …groups which can be merged,
  • or your PSD doesnt need maximal compatibility (no thumbnail / preview in other software)

Most methods are lossy, which means the reduced data can’t be restored at a later point (unlike zipping). If your PSD will be handed to a client, you should consider how editable the PSD should remain, and which parts can be deleted.