Sync Edit - Layer Synchronize Kit

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Sync Edit makes it possible to edit just one layer and synchronize the changes to many other layers. Just work on one layer, you don't have to select the other ones or copy-paste any settings. All the changes get updated instantly and you can control which events to synchronize.


  • Edit Many Layers at Once
  • Instant Change Updates
  • Works Across Documents
  • Works with any Layer Event (Events can be added, too)
  • Enable / Disable Events
  • Convenient Import Methods (all groups or by label color)
  • Easy-to-use Interface
  • 100% Precise Synchronization (also complex transformations)

Some example events that you can synchronize between multiple layers:

  • Transform
  • Set Layer Styles
  • Apply Filters
  • Change Blendmodes / Opacity Settings
  • Color / Light Adjustments
  • Delete Pixels
  • Change Text Properties (font, color, size, etc)
  • Rasterize / Convert to Smart Object
  • Change Label Colors

and more...

Trial Version:

There's also a free trial version, where you can synchronize only two layers simultaneously: Download Free Trial