Textmarker for PS 2021+

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!! --- Textmarker requires a minimum version of Photoshop 2021 --- !!

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This is a free lite version. For the full version check out Textmarker Pro


Textmarker makes it easy to create text highlighting and underlines in Photoshop. You can tweak various settings to get exactly the look you're after while all updates happen in real-time, so that you can immediately see the changes that you've done visually.

Prodcut Features:

  • Works with any font and letter size / caps
  • Live-Updates to any changes made (press enter in input fields)
  • Settings are stored in the layer - get loaded on select
  • Input field validation (min/max and valid values)
  • Editable Vectors: Textmarker creates shape layers that you can scale up or adjust as you like
  • Automatically fits the interface look of the color scheme selected in PS
  • Optimized for performance: Path calculations are super fast and the updates happen immediately
  • Works with rotated text