Texture Blender - Mix Two Textures

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This plugin requires Photoshop 2021 or newer

Description: Blending two textures together by hand can be tedious. This panel provides a set of masks that let you do the job with just one click.

Functionality in Detail:

  • Source Images: If „use selected layers“ is turned on, the panel will blend together the selected layers (make sure it‘s exactly two). You can also select two images from your file system if you turn this option off.
  • Create Frames: With this option active, the panel will place the two images inside frames. This allows for easier replacement via drag & drop, so you can quickly exchange the images.
  • Addititonal Tips: After processing two images, you can try out different masks. Update the mask by clicking the button again or double-clicking a mask-thumbnail. Also, there‘s a flyout menu with more functionality, e.g to fit a layer to the canvas bounds (helpful when you replace one of the textures with another one).