Texture Seam Remover

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Texture Seam Remover is a plugin that helps to make textures seamless. It makes it easy to equalize the light and color in the image to then turn the edges inward to reveal the seams. You can then either fix those areas by hand or use the different auto-patch techniques to get rid of the seams.

This plugin requires Photoshop 2021 or newer


  • Works with any image size
  • Two ways to make a texture seamless (turn edges inward or by mirror the canvas)
  • Show a (repeating) pattern preview with 1 click
  • Save the image as a Photoshop Pattern right from the panel
  • Advanced Auto-Patching techniques (to fix the inwards turned edges)
  • Blur and Displacement options for better blending in of the fixed areas
  • Theme-aware panel